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Art of Letting Go w/ lyrics by Mikaila

It can be hard,
Or it can be easy.
Depending on what it is you have to leave behind.

Letting go;
Moving on.
Sometimes this can be
The only way of life.
The only way of continuing,
To be you.

Losing a part of yourself,
Or forever guarding a hole.
It can never be replaced,
Forgotten or lost.

You cherish memories,
Because they are the only thing you have left.
You hold on to fragile shards of thought -
Because the real thing is no more.

You will never feel complete.
Your main goal in life is not to become rich,
Become famous,
Own a flash car and a big house.

Your life goal becomes the one to complete yourself.
To make yourself whole.

Because there's no harder thing than letting go.